Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: The Snow Field - Nostalgia Series Tights

Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

The Snow Field - Nostalgia Series Tights

As I stated before I ordered a pair of tights from the indie brand The Snow Field.
I ordered the Nostalgia Series Tights in brown :3

I ordered the tights through storenvy. So there was no direct contact with the seller needed.
I ordered them on the 22nd November and they arrived on 5th December. 

I was a bit unsure which size to get. You can choose between XS-M and M-XL. In the description it says that size XS-M is recommended for petite size and M-XL is for people who are taller or plus sized. I consider my height and size to lay somewhere in the middle so I was unsure which one to get. 
I decided to pick M-XL because too big would still be better than too small^^
They fit quite well~  they create some folds when I wear them as the tight are so long. But the print looks nice and not too stretched out. 

I'm satisfied with the quality of the print. Look at all the beautiful details.

Sadly this part will not be visible when wearing. I think it's so beautiful it could be sold as an own print :O

Overall, I'm very satisfied with my order and as a cutlery-enthusiast I needed to have them  ^__ ~


  1. die sind echt voll süß. ich finde ja die gabeln auch voll lieb xD schade, dass man die dann nicht sieht. sie sollten echt noch einen eigenen print damit rausbringen

  2. I didn't know they've made a brown version ! It looks so tasty ! Chocolate ! :D
    Thank you for this little review ! :)