Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: November 2013

Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

Japanese models/designers on instagram

If you think that instagram is a boring app where random people post pictures of their food and cats then let me prove you wrong. I love instagram because many quite well known models and designers from Japan have accounts there. Here are the ones I have found so far  


AMO, the well known model who currently designed a collection for the brand Candy Stripper.
AMO's instagram is a mixture of outfit posts, sweets and vintage-y


Kurebayashi, who is often seen in streetsnaps and models for the fashion magazine KERA.
Sadly, her instagram is inactive for several weeks now.


I think we all know her. Not really as a model but as singer Kyary gained popularity all over the world. Her instagram is full of her face in all kind of wigs and hairstyles.


I discovered Misako's instagram only lately but it seems to be full of cute selcas and odds and ends of her daily life.


RinRin, model for Angelic Pretty and KERA who is admired for making it in Japan even though she wasn't born there. On here instagram you will find pics from shootings and events she has been to.


To be honest, I only recently found out about Risa. She seems to work at a clothing store called Katie, at least she posts many pictures from there.


The owner of the brand Party Baby who is featured in this cute video. Selcas and cute food.

The pictures belong to them!

Are you following any Japanese models or designer I have missed out? 
Tell me in the comments!

Montag, 25. November 2013

Minori/Shironuri appreciation post ~♥

If you haven't lived in a cave the last year you surely heard of it, the infamous Shironuri style. A style seen on Japanese streets that is characterized by a white painted face. Since Tokyofashion did an interview with Shironuri artist Minori on their youtube-channel it also became popular outside of Japan.

Today, Tokyofashion posted another video featuring Minori, and while I haven't been too interested in the style lately, this video made me fall in love with Shironuri again right away. 

Minori is just so talented!
I did Shironuri make-up myself once, it was really a pain in the neck -.- High quality products are surely a must to achieve the look!

pictures from tokyofashion.com

Minori isn't the only Shironuri artist but outside of Japan she is known best. 
There are actually no rules to Shironuri fashion beside that your face has to be white. So you can pair the fashion with any clothes you might like.

If you want to give Shironuri a try and want to do a similar style to Minori's, use long, layered garments made of light fabrics in light colours. 

Here are a few items I recommend for this style. 


What do you think of Minori and her style?

Samstag, 16. November 2013

Impressions of the 'Kunst und Designmarkt' Linz

Today I visited the Art and Design-Market which took place in my area. It was the first time I visited such a fair and I enjoyed it very much 

Maqaroon had a booth there. I already knew them from Aninite 2012. I wanted to buy a protection bag for my mobile phone but my phone was to big for them T.T *buhuu*
So I ended up with a cute little lucky pack.

 This is what I got - the ice cram sticky notes are so adorable *o*

Another cute booth. The soaps they sold smelled so good *__*

This booth was by sardaana-henke. They sold this super cute handmade fabric goods. The young lady I talked too (I'm not 100% sure but I think she was the shop owner) was so cute. 
They use a lot of fabric from Japan. They have a physical store in Salzburg. Next time I go there I will definitely take a visit to their store! *__*

Look at this heart melting fabric!  It's from Japan but it had German text on it. I got told that Japanese like to use English, French and German text on their products ^__~

I also bought these three pendants at a booth called steinbienchen. I just notice I didn't take pictures of their booth. They use dried flowers for their jewelry - I love it!
They also had this gorgeous pendant with a hot air balloon on but I couldn't afford it T.T

Not at the fleemarket but in front of the building I also saw this:

Furniture and stuff all covered in moss and plants - melting my Mori Girl heart 

Summed up, I really enjoyed this event. I love talking with the designers and ask them about how they make the things and stuff ~ There actually was so much more amazing stuff which I haven't taken pictures of! 
If you live around Linz you maybe want to visit the market. It's still open tomorrow (17.11.13)!

Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Doodle Dienstag

Wohoo guys it's Doodle Dienstag! What is a 'Dienstag'? the non-German-speakers of you might ask. It's easily explained: Dienstag is the German word for Tuesday. I just thought 'Doodle Dienstag' sounds cuter than 'Doodle Tuesday' ^__~

Sometimes I feel like drawing little outfit doodles into my journal. Whenever I have one or two to share with you I will do so on Doodle Dienstag :D
I'm not very comfortable with drawing on the computer, so I will stay with scans of my paper-drawn doodles ~

I admit, these two are a little old already. My hair was still all brown back than. Currently I'm wearing brown hair with blond highlights, to give you some information you didn't ask for ^__~
Anyway, on the left you see a mori kind of outfit with my sheinside dress and a fawn fur collar. 
The other one was just a comfy outfit inspired by the colours of the french flag.

 Also, I didn't forget that I promised to post more outfit pictures. I really hope to start with it soon!
Do you sometimes draw your outfits?

Freitag, 1. November 2013

November Wishlist

I'm sorry for being so inactive lately. The last view weeks I have been quite occupied. Not stressed though, just positively occupied ^^

I thought it would be fun to share a wishlist from time to time, so here is my November's wishlist:

Sadly, it's very unlikely that I will buy all these pieces this month. I'm rather trying to save up money at the moment. But one is allowed to dream right? ^^ 

Stay tuned for the next post