Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: November 2014

Freitag, 28. November 2014

Late November Days Playlist

A playlist for comfy at home times on cold November days (◕‿◕✿)

Agnes Obel - Riverside //  K-ON - Amefuri

Lorde - World Alone // Kerli - Walking on Air

Vincent McMorrow - Follow Me Down to the Red Oak Tree 

Florence and the Machine - Spectrum

The Cat Returns - Kare ni Naru // Mizca - Kira Kira

Lullatone - Little Song about Raindrops

Marina and the Diamonds - Valley of the Dolls

some of the graphics used are by mirukuma.com

Montag, 24. November 2014

☆ Imyourpresent Review ☆

Hello Sweethearts!
Lately I'm really into sugary-sweet things again, so I decided to give the infamous 'Sweetheart Earrings' by the etsy-seller imyourpresent a go!

The order came with a lot of freebies: a postcard, a coupon code for the next order, stickers, candy and cute ice cream earrings (◡‿◡✿)

Contac&Ordering Process: The order goes through etsy. It's an easy to use shopping cart-system. No problems here.
 Rate: ❤❤//

Shipping: I ordered at the 16.October and they arrived about two weeks later, at the 29.October. Shipping to Austria was 9$. Shipping time and price are ok considering that imyourpresent is located in the US.

Sorry for the crappy phone-pic ^^''

Quality: One of the earrings was broken when it arrived at my place. At imyourpresent's page it's stated that you can contact them if you got damaged items but I decided to repair them myself. Nothing a bit of glue can't fix ^__~ What also bothers me a bit is the backside of the earrings as it looks a bit..idk off? It won't be really visible when I wear them as my hair covers the back but what if somebody has shorter hair or wants to wear them with a hair updo? Maybe I'm a spoiled Lolita who is used to good quality but I wasn't 100% satisfied here.

Conclusion: I like the earrings, and regarding how many freebies you get with your order it's not that expensive. If you order just keep in mind that there are some smaller flaws. 
Total:  ❤//

What do you think of big earrings? 
Cute or too much?
Tell me in the comments! 

Dienstag, 18. November 2014

✿ Ballet Fashion ✿

Ballet is not only a great sport to keep you fit, it also makes a great motive for girly fashion styles.

[My photoshop skills aren't perfect yet. Please be nice ^__~)

I think I have to plan a ballet Lolita coord for the future!

What do you think about ballet motives in fashion? Yay or Nay? 

Samstag, 15. November 2014

Austrian Halloween Movie Night Meet-up

Still in October the Austrian Lolitas had a Halloween themed movie night. I don't know if I mentioned it before but the Austrian Lolita Community has an official club and our chairwomen organise some really fun activities once in a while.

Headpiece - Selfmade // Wig - Lockshopwigs
Blouse - 2nd Hand // JSK - Bodyline

We watched Doll Collector and X-Cross. Both movies feature Lolitas which is hilarious! After that we went to a restaurant nearby.
I met up with Punkangel at her place and we took some pictures before we left for the event. During the meet there sadly wasn't much time for pics.

*stolen from her blog hehe*
        My outfit was angel themed. Punkangel took vampires as her inspiration. She even had a matching bat-bag :D I'm really happy how my outfit turned out even if it was quite spontaneous. In retrospective I wouldn't change anything!

What do you think about wearing Lolita for Halloween? 
Cute or too costume-y?

See you soon!

Montag, 10. November 2014

Paper Doll Artbook Review

 I did a group order for three girls from the Austrian Lolita Comm and myself for the Paper 
Doll Lolita Fashion Artbook. It features drawings from several Lolita artists. So much eyecandy!

Contact: The whole process went through storenvy. It's a shoppingcart system, so no direct contact with the shop owner is needed.
Rate: ❤❤//

Shipping process: I preordered the books and they were shipped out on the 8.October as expected. They arrived seven days later, on the 15. October. Shipping was on the pricier side for us, as they are located in Canada but that's why we did the grouporder in the first place.
Rate: ❤❤//

The books came with a postcard each, a businesscard and a cute note from the shop owner. <3


Quality: The pages and prints in the book are good quality, couldn't find any flaws.
Alltogether it features 13 artists who have quite different drawing styles, so it holds many surprises.It has an index at the back telling whitch drawings are by which artist.
Rate: ❤❤//

Conclusion: I would order again!  

Who is your favourite Lolita artist?
Tell me in the comments!

Samstag, 8. November 2014

Liebster Award // Get to know the blogger

Hello my dear readers!
[I thought I should post something interesting right away hehe]
Punkangel tagged me for the Liebster Award! Those tagging games are always a great opportunity for my readers to get to know a bit more about myself so, let's start ~!

The rules: 
  1.  Post on your blog about it. 
  2.  Add the Award pic and link the person who nominated you.
  3.  Answer the 11 questions of the person.
  4.  Nominate 10 bloggers who got less than 200 readers.
Punkangel asked me to answer the same 11 questions she got as well. Here we go :D  

1. Is there a blog which inspires you a lot? Which one?
There are several blogs which inspire me:
Parfaitdoll - because the colours and the general layout appeal to me and the topics are very interesting. It's like she has all the latest news concerning Lolita and kawaii fashion styles, very informative!
Cupcakesclothes - all the pastels and high resolution photos.
Lace a la mode - a Lolita blog with great topics and again an aesthetically pleasing layout.
Drop Dead Cute - a blog full of links and information for kawaii lovers. So great.
Scathingly Brilliant - is also great for all the pastel colours.
I also really liked the blog Good Morning Lovely but sadly it's inactive now.

You can tell, I like pastelish blogs that post interesting, informative posts and hat also have a nice appearance.
2. How long do you have your blog now and why?
I started blogging in 2012. I blog because I like to write and it's an creative outlet for me.

3. Which one was your best trip to a foreign country? 
Hard to say. My trip to Brussels, London, Helsinki and Prague where all great for different reasons. I think I can't  put one over the other ^.^

4. If you had one day to try out any other style which one would it be?
Gothic Lolita or Kodona.

 5. What was your strangest experience until now?
In first year of Secondary/High School my class had a trip to Krumlov. I don't  remember why but somehow our class was at the main square waiting for the teacher and because it took so long, classmates started to sit down on the floor there. While we were sitting a Japanese tourist came towards us, said 'origami' and handed me a tiny origami crane. What I found so strange about is that I was the Japan-fan in class and she gave it exactly to me, like she knew o.o 

6. Your favourite song now?
Currently FROOT from Marina and the Diamonds. It came out only some weeks ago :D

7. Did you watch a film which captivated you for a long time?
I'm sure there was one but I can't think of anything specific right now.

8. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
To be honest I have no clue. My only plans are to travel a lot in the next ten years. And yeah I want to have children and I think in ten years that would be about the right time. Seen from now at least ^-^
9. If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for? Of course on the condition that you cannot wish for more wishes!
I would wish for world peace, wish for the end of world hunger and keep one wish for emergencies haha ^^'

10. Did you hype an actor, a musician or someone else?
I'm not a person who hypes. I have actors and musicians I enjoy but it's not like I watch every movie they are in and have my room clustered with posters of them or something like that ^^

11. What do you like the most about your appearance?
I think that would be my eyes ^.^ such a nice deep and dark brown.

I won't tag any new blogs but if you feel like it, answer one of the questions in the comments~!

Take care, 

Back on the blog ~☆

Hello my dear readers! (◕‿◕✿)

So wow I have been away for some time. I didn't plan to be away for so long but somehow my motivation for blogging left me. But guess what the motivation is back :D I can't promise that I will keep my old a-post-every-three-days pace but I'll try to be as active as possible. I already have some posts planned so stay tuned!  (mostly reviews comming up ;D)

Also while I have been away I bought my first laptop. I will blog from my own pc isn't that super cool? Hah ~ the small things in life xD

Thank you everybody who sticked with me! Also I'm very active on tumblr these days so I would be happy if you followed me here!

See you soon!