Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: ☆ Imyourpresent Review ☆

Montag, 24. November 2014

☆ Imyourpresent Review ☆

Hello Sweethearts!
Lately I'm really into sugary-sweet things again, so I decided to give the infamous 'Sweetheart Earrings' by the etsy-seller imyourpresent a go!

The order came with a lot of freebies: a postcard, a coupon code for the next order, stickers, candy and cute ice cream earrings (◡‿◡✿)

Contac&Ordering Process: The order goes through etsy. It's an easy to use shopping cart-system. No problems here.
 Rate: ❤❤//

Shipping: I ordered at the 16.October and they arrived about two weeks later, at the 29.October. Shipping to Austria was 9$. Shipping time and price are ok considering that imyourpresent is located in the US.

Sorry for the crappy phone-pic ^^''

Quality: One of the earrings was broken when it arrived at my place. At imyourpresent's page it's stated that you can contact them if you got damaged items but I decided to repair them myself. Nothing a bit of glue can't fix ^__~ What also bothers me a bit is the backside of the earrings as it looks a bit..idk off? It won't be really visible when I wear them as my hair covers the back but what if somebody has shorter hair or wants to wear them with a hair updo? Maybe I'm a spoiled Lolita who is used to good quality but I wasn't 100% satisfied here.

Conclusion: I like the earrings, and regarding how many freebies you get with your order it's not that expensive. If you order just keep in mind that there are some smaller flaws. 
Total:  ❤//

What do you think of big earrings? 
Cute or too much?
Tell me in the comments! 

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