Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Paper Doll Artbook Review

Montag, 10. November 2014

Paper Doll Artbook Review

 I did a group order for three girls from the Austrian Lolita Comm and myself for the Paper 
Doll Lolita Fashion Artbook. It features drawings from several Lolita artists. So much eyecandy!

Contact: The whole process went through storenvy. It's a shoppingcart system, so no direct contact with the shop owner is needed.
Rate: ❤❤//

Shipping process: I preordered the books and they were shipped out on the 8.October as expected. They arrived seven days later, on the 15. October. Shipping was on the pricier side for us, as they are located in Canada but that's why we did the grouporder in the first place.
Rate: ❤❤//

The books came with a postcard each, a businesscard and a cute note from the shop owner. <3


Quality: The pages and prints in the book are good quality, couldn't find any flaws.
Alltogether it features 13 artists who have quite different drawing styles, so it holds many surprises.It has an index at the back telling whitch drawings are by which artist.
Rate: ❤❤//

Conclusion: I would order again!  

Who is your favourite Lolita artist?
Tell me in the comments!