Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Januar 2014

Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Off to Helsinki ~♥

Tomorrow I'm finally off to Helsinki, for Helsinki Lolita Convention, a Tea Party and sightseeing. I'm already filled with anticipation :D
Here are pictures of my planned outfits. I changed my ideas a bit:

Instead of Innocent World I decided to wear Angelic Pretty to the Convention. I have never worn this dress to a big event, so it deserves some attention. I most likely won't wear the beret though as I want to style my hair in a braid crown.
The Tea Party coord is now in darker colours than planned at the beginning. Atelier Pierrot is one of the special guests and this coord is nearest I could come to their style with my super sweet wardrobe. One week before it was also announced that the theme for the Tea Party is 'Princes and Princesses' so I'm wearing a crown instead of the previously planned bonnet.
I decided to not wear wigs this time. The last few times I wore one it made my outfit worse than better because they keep slipping from my forehead. This time I want to enjoy the events without constantly pulling my wig forth. I believe that will be more comfortable for me ;)

See you next time when I report about my Helsinki adventures :D

Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

DIY: Upcycling Shoes

For my golden outfit which will be worn to Hellocon Tea Party I of course need golden shoes. At the beginning I though I simply go to buy a pair but then I come across this tutorial on how to dye shoes. I owned this pair of black shoes which are good quality but I didn't really wear because..well they are black and I hardly wear black..so I went to the shop and bought a golden spray colour and gave the thing a try. Here is my result:

I'm super-satisfied with the outcome 
The bows are leftovers from another pair of shoes I bought in a wrong size. I kept them because 'who knows one day they might be useful..' I simply glued them onto the shoes.
I'm sorry I don't really have progress pictures but if you follow the linked tutorial you are on a save way.
One thing I have to state however, the spray colour stinks enormously. I had to keep the shoes on the balcony for about a week till the smell went away :[ Maybe it depends on the brand of colour though ~

If you have further questions about the tutorial just leave a comment.
I 'm excited to see the shoes in action soon :D

Montag, 20. Januar 2014

Mid-January Wishlist

I'm actually trying to save all my money till the end of the month for my Helsinki trip but still I couldn't resist making a little wish list. ^-^

photo credit: the picture of the bag belongs to nylon827

On this months wishlist are two items I have been interested in ever since I entered the J-fashion world. 
The Swimmer cookie bag and the dreamV heart heel shoes
I really hope to add these to my wardrobe some day!
The suspender skirt is from Moooh!! My love for red is coming back so this skirt cached my eye.

Are there items you have been eyeing on since forever but never bought them?
Share your story in the comments :D

Dienstag, 14. Januar 2014

Doodle Dienstag

I'm back with another doodle for you :3 And as a plus I'm showing you my handwriting xD

My trip to Helsinki is near and I tried to draw out my planned coords for Helsinki Lolita Convention (top) and the Tea Party on the next day. (bottom one) 
Sadly my scanner is crappy so the colours don't show too well here :/ The dress in my Con-coord is my mint green IW dress paired with pearls and roses ^^
The bonnet and tights of my Tea Party coord are not yellow like it shows here but a light beige. I still have to make that headpiece and colour my shoes golden.
I'm currently really in love with gold so I'm extra excited about this outfit.

I'm really looking forward to the trip already ~

Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

My First Valentine ~♥

Actually already over a week ago I received my first Lolita Valentine! Normally Valentines are anonymous but I know how made mine as she made it in response to the Valentine I made for her ^__~

Such a sweet message. Again, thank you so much 

You can find the official Lolita valentines page here. If you are into Lolita you maybe want to check it out regularly so you won't miss when someone posts a valentine for you ^__~

Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

Medoly's Birthday Meet-up ~ ♥

On Sunday my friend Medoly celebrated her birthday! She hold a little J-fashion Meet-up and it was great fun ^0^

We didn't take a group picture, so have this lovely photo instead ~ 

We went to an Asian restaurant and to a cafe. We spent the day with eating and chatting ^o^

Beret - eBay // Cardigan - Made by my mum (so awesome ;D) // Skirt - Made by me 
// Tights - Ophanim // Shoes - Secret Shop //

I hope Medoly enjoyed her Birthday Meet...I surely did ^^