Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Off to Helsinki ~♥

Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Off to Helsinki ~♥

Tomorrow I'm finally off to Helsinki, for Helsinki Lolita Convention, a Tea Party and sightseeing. I'm already filled with anticipation :D
Here are pictures of my planned outfits. I changed my ideas a bit:

Instead of Innocent World I decided to wear Angelic Pretty to the Convention. I have never worn this dress to a big event, so it deserves some attention. I most likely won't wear the beret though as I want to style my hair in a braid crown.
The Tea Party coord is now in darker colours than planned at the beginning. Atelier Pierrot is one of the special guests and this coord is nearest I could come to their style with my super sweet wardrobe. One week before it was also announced that the theme for the Tea Party is 'Princes and Princesses' so I'm wearing a crown instead of the previously planned bonnet.
I decided to not wear wigs this time. The last few times I wore one it made my outfit worse than better because they keep slipping from my forehead. This time I want to enjoy the events without constantly pulling my wig forth. I believe that will be more comfortable for me ;)

See you next time when I report about my Helsinki adventures :D


  1. Das erste Outfit find ich toll *_* Bin gespannt auf deinen Bericht und wünsche dir viel Spaß!! <3

  2. find beide outfits sehr hübsch:3 bin gespannt, wies getragen aussieht.
    das wig problem hab ich auch=_= iwie sehn sie ja gut aus, aber wenn du ständig angst haben musst das sie dir runterrutschen, kann man das event nicht so genießen.-. viel spass in helsinki

    1. Danke :D ja ich probiers jetzt mal ohne, hoffentlich berreu ich es dann nicht xD

  3. Very cute outfits!
    I hope you enjoy the convention and the tea party o(^▽^)o