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Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

DIY: Upcycling Shoes

For my golden outfit which will be worn to Hellocon Tea Party I of course need golden shoes. At the beginning I though I simply go to buy a pair but then I come across this tutorial on how to dye shoes. I owned this pair of black shoes which are good quality but I didn't really wear because..well they are black and I hardly wear black..so I went to the shop and bought a golden spray colour and gave the thing a try. Here is my result:

I'm super-satisfied with the outcome 
The bows are leftovers from another pair of shoes I bought in a wrong size. I kept them because 'who knows one day they might be useful..' I simply glued them onto the shoes.
I'm sorry I don't really have progress pictures but if you follow the linked tutorial you are on a save way.
One thing I have to state however, the spray colour stinks enormously. I had to keep the shoes on the balcony for about a week till the smell went away :[ Maybe it depends on the brand of colour though ~

If you have further questions about the tutorial just leave a comment.
I 'm excited to see the shoes in action soon :D


  1. die sind ja echt voll schön geworden. hätte nicht gedacht, dass das gold auf schwarz so gut hält. o.o

    1. Danke :D ja so Spraylacke decken eigentlich immer recht gut ^-^