Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Mid-January Wishlist

Montag, 20. Januar 2014

Mid-January Wishlist

I'm actually trying to save all my money till the end of the month for my Helsinki trip but still I couldn't resist making a little wish list. ^-^

photo credit: the picture of the bag belongs to nylon827

On this months wishlist are two items I have been interested in ever since I entered the J-fashion world. 
The Swimmer cookie bag and the dreamV heart heel shoes
I really hope to add these to my wardrobe some day!
The suspender skirt is from Moooh!! My love for red is coming back so this skirt cached my eye.

Are there items you have been eyeing on since forever but never bought them?
Share your story in the comments :D


  1. ich find so mules ja iwie süß, aber ich könnte damit nie gehn XDD
    welche marke is denn der rock?

    1. haha ich hoffe einfach mal, dass ich damit gehen kann xD
      Ist vom etsy shop Moooh!! ich glaub fast es ist ein replica ..