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Donnerstag, 6. Februar 2014

Helsinki Travel Diary - Part 1

I'm back from Helsinki :D I'm still waiting for a few pictures of the Convention and the Tea Party so in this post I will share pictures of the sights we visited and do some general swarming about this lovely weekend 

We traveled in a group of six: Dani, Jassi, Punkangel, Katrin, Mara and me. We had so much fun I'm really happy I was part of this group :D (and I secretly hope we travel again as this group some day :3)

The first day was mainly filled with the Convention, but between the Convention and the Afterparty (of which we missed the main part because of restaurant problems xD) we had some time for a night stroll around Helsinki.

Credit for this photo goes to Dani 

The Tea Party on the second day started in the afternoon so of course we used the morning for exploring Helsinki a bit more. We visited the main station, Temppeliaukion kirkko and a souvenir shop :D

On the third day we had time until four pm before we had to go back to the airport. We used that time for shopping and going to the tea saloon 'The Ounce' which was my personal highlight of that day :D

                                                                                      Photo credit for this goes to Dani again.

This tea saloon is popular by the Finish Lolitas. I can really see why; it's just so lovely 
Kati the Lolita who served us is wearing the fashion to work. She is living every Lolita's dream :D
They also had a guest book and Katrin drew into it for us :D
Mara and I tried the Alice in Wonderland tea which is basically green tea with strawberries. It was so good I had to buy one to take home.

And that's it for the sightseeing part of our journey. I will surely come back to Helsinki in the future :D
Stay tuned for the other parts of my travel diary!

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