Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Helsinki Travel Diary - Part 3 - Hellocon Tea Party

Dienstag, 18. Februar 2014

Helsinki Travel Diary - Part 3 - Hellocon Tea Party

In the afternoon of our second day in Helsinki Hellocon Tea Party took place. Compared to Innocent World Tea Party Vienna, the only Tea Party I have been to before, it was more exclusive as the number of guests was more limited.

There was an opening ceremony, after which the special guests designer Yuko Ashizawa and model Midori Fukasawa entered. A ballet performance and the opening of the buffet followed.

The buffet contained six treats for everyone and a variety of tea and juice as well as biscuits and gummy treats. Yumm :3

They also had a raffle ( I sadly didn't win anything ^^) and in the end the special guests picked their favourite outfits among the visitors. I found both chosen outfits great and the choice very justified :)

The best part for most of the Tea Party visitors however was the signing and photo taking with the special guests!

I like my face in both pictures. What a surprise :o

I actually felt a little startled when Midori took my hand *O*
We also had a short smalltalk about my crown. Midori is just so cute 

Between the program points there was also some time for taking pictures and chatting with each other. 

The location was beautiful and they had this awesome sofas :D
In retrospect, I maybe would do a different hairstyle and I'm also not sure if I would coord the dress with dark brown again but I'm content ^-^

I also seized the chance to take lots of Polaroid pictures! 

So all in all it was a good organized event and everyone looked beautiful! I would have wished that it was an hour longer but I also talked a bit with the organizers and I understand that that wasn't possible.

Besides the very last post, which will follow as soon as the pictures are available, the Helsinki travel diary is over. Summed up it was a great and for me somehow very inspirational weekend. It made me want to put more kawaii in my daily life and wear my favorite fashion more often again. 
That's why I love traveling, I feel like every journey, no matter how short or long, changes me for the better and gives me new inspiration

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