Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Impressions of the 'Kunst und Designmarkt' Linz

Samstag, 16. November 2013

Impressions of the 'Kunst und Designmarkt' Linz

Today I visited the Art and Design-Market which took place in my area. It was the first time I visited such a fair and I enjoyed it very much 

Maqaroon had a booth there. I already knew them from Aninite 2012. I wanted to buy a protection bag for my mobile phone but my phone was to big for them T.T *buhuu*
So I ended up with a cute little lucky pack.

 This is what I got - the ice cram sticky notes are so adorable *o*

Another cute booth. The soaps they sold smelled so good *__*

This booth was by sardaana-henke. They sold this super cute handmade fabric goods. The young lady I talked too (I'm not 100% sure but I think she was the shop owner) was so cute. 
They use a lot of fabric from Japan. They have a physical store in Salzburg. Next time I go there I will definitely take a visit to their store! *__*

Look at this heart melting fabric!  It's from Japan but it had German text on it. I got told that Japanese like to use English, French and German text on their products ^__~

I also bought these three pendants at a booth called steinbienchen. I just notice I didn't take pictures of their booth. They use dried flowers for their jewelry - I love it!
They also had this gorgeous pendant with a hot air balloon on but I couldn't afford it T.T

Not at the fleemarket but in front of the building I also saw this:

Furniture and stuff all covered in moss and plants - melting my Mori Girl heart 

Summed up, I really enjoyed this event. I love talking with the designers and ask them about how they make the things and stuff ~ There actually was so much more amazing stuff which I haven't taken pictures of! 
If you live around Linz you maybe want to visit the market. It's still open tomorrow (17.11.13)!


  1. Die Anhänger sind toll <3 Wieviel hast du dafür gezahlt?
    Die Möbel sind übrigens mit Moss Art hergerichtet, das ist eine eigene Kunstform :3

    1. Das waren Auslaufmodelle, daher nur 3 € pro Stück ;)
      Wie cool, ich glaub da muss ich mich mal näher damit beschäftigen!

    2. Cool!
      Ja, da hab ich auch je Anleitung dazu, wenns dich interessiert:D