Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Doodle Dienstag

Dienstag, 5. November 2013

Doodle Dienstag

Wohoo guys it's Doodle Dienstag! What is a 'Dienstag'? the non-German-speakers of you might ask. It's easily explained: Dienstag is the German word for Tuesday. I just thought 'Doodle Dienstag' sounds cuter than 'Doodle Tuesday' ^__~

Sometimes I feel like drawing little outfit doodles into my journal. Whenever I have one or two to share with you I will do so on Doodle Dienstag :D
I'm not very comfortable with drawing on the computer, so I will stay with scans of my paper-drawn doodles ~

I admit, these two are a little old already. My hair was still all brown back than. Currently I'm wearing brown hair with blond highlights, to give you some information you didn't ask for ^__~
Anyway, on the left you see a mori kind of outfit with my sheinside dress and a fawn fur collar. 
The other one was just a comfy outfit inspired by the colours of the french flag.

 Also, I didn't forget that I promised to post more outfit pictures. I really hope to start with it soon!
Do you sometimes draw your outfits?


  1. Ich mag deinen Zeichenstil total gern!
    Die zwei Yayas sind voll süß mit ihren roten Bäckchen! ^w^
    Ich könnt auch gern zeichnen ... und ich versuch's auch immer wieder, aber ich hab anscheinend wirklich kein Talent dafür. ^-^''

    1. gaah danke ^///^ zu hören, dass jemand meine Zeichnungen mag ist eins der besten Komplimente für mich <3
      Auch wenn dein Talent dafür nicht so groß ist, gib nicht auf! Beim Zeichnen kann man durch reine Übung wirklich viel dazu gewinnen :D

  2. Adorable! *_* I also draw outfit scribbles sometimes.^^

    1. thank you ^///^ oh, than you should share some :D