Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Japanese models/designers on instagram

Mittwoch, 27. November 2013

Japanese models/designers on instagram

If you think that instagram is a boring app where random people post pictures of their food and cats then let me prove you wrong. I love instagram because many quite well known models and designers from Japan have accounts there. Here are the ones I have found so far  


AMO, the well known model who currently designed a collection for the brand Candy Stripper.
AMO's instagram is a mixture of outfit posts, sweets and vintage-y


Kurebayashi, who is often seen in streetsnaps and models for the fashion magazine KERA.
Sadly, her instagram is inactive for several weeks now.


I think we all know her. Not really as a model but as singer Kyary gained popularity all over the world. Her instagram is full of her face in all kind of wigs and hairstyles.


I discovered Misako's instagram only lately but it seems to be full of cute selcas and odds and ends of her daily life.


RinRin, model for Angelic Pretty and KERA who is admired for making it in Japan even though she wasn't born there. On here instagram you will find pics from shootings and events she has been to.


To be honest, I only recently found out about Risa. She seems to work at a clothing store called Katie, at least she posts many pictures from there.


The owner of the brand Party Baby who is featured in this cute video. Selcas and cute food.

The pictures belong to them!

Are you following any Japanese models or designer I have missed out? 
Tell me in the comments!


  1. risa kenn ich noch nicht. sie sieht voll süß aus*-* instagram hab ich aber nicht xD

    1. Ja ich find auch sie sieht so süß aus *-* was nicht ist kann ja noch werden hehe^^