Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Minori/Shironuri appreciation post ~♥

Montag, 25. November 2013

Minori/Shironuri appreciation post ~♥

If you haven't lived in a cave the last year you surely heard of it, the infamous Shironuri style. A style seen on Japanese streets that is characterized by a white painted face. Since Tokyofashion did an interview with Shironuri artist Minori on their youtube-channel it also became popular outside of Japan.

Today, Tokyofashion posted another video featuring Minori, and while I haven't been too interested in the style lately, this video made me fall in love with Shironuri again right away. 

Minori is just so talented!
I did Shironuri make-up myself once, it was really a pain in the neck -.- High quality products are surely a must to achieve the look!

pictures from tokyofashion.com

Minori isn't the only Shironuri artist but outside of Japan she is known best. 
There are actually no rules to Shironuri fashion beside that your face has to be white. So you can pair the fashion with any clothes you might like.

If you want to give Shironuri a try and want to do a similar style to Minori's, use long, layered garments made of light fabrics in light colours. 

Here are a few items I recommend for this style. 


What do you think of Minori and her style?


  1. hab mir das video heute auch auf tokyofashion.com angeschaut. ist sie eigentlich künstlerin oder so? die art, wie sie das make up aufträgt, erinnert mich iwie an richtiges malen xD auf jedn fall braucht man dafür gschheite produkte. ich glaub mit billigem make up kommt man da net weit

  2. Gute Frage xD vl malt sie? Ich find's auf jeden Fall wunderschön *0*
    Jup, da hast du recht, bei meinem Versuch damals hat man innerhalb kurzer Zeit alle Poren gesehen ~