Heart Chat Bubble Dipped in Chocolate: Early Doodle Dienstag

Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Early Doodle Dienstag

I'm sharing these doodles one day to early because tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I most likely will keep the PC turned the off whole day :)

This time I didn't doodle outfits I wore but outfits I dream to wear ~ 

The one on the top is a dress by Emily Temple Cute which I love so  much but is very unlikely to fit me. Small sizes are small T.T
The outfit in the left corner is likely to happen, I just need to find a nice golden skirt. 
The dress on the last outfit doesn't exist (yet)  but I wish I could sew it ._. I found a super cute donut fabric on etsy. Just need to find a good tutorial on sewing babydoll dresses...if there is one ^^''
Any of you who knows one? ^^
If so share it with me :D

 Happy -early- Christmas from 


  1. Aw, so cute! :) Merry Christmas to you!

  2. sehr süß^-^
    ETC machen aber auch wirklich sehr kleine kleider._.

  3. I'm so hungry now ! *__* I wish you could sew your donut's dress ! ;)