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Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

Linzer January Meet-up

Hi my dear readers!
My local Lolita community had the first meet of 2015 already. Punkangel and I organised it again :3 We went eating at an Asian restaurant and to the museum afterwards. This time more of the girls from Vienna attended which made me happy (✿◠‿◠)

pics by Punkangel, thank you <3 

This was my outfit. It was my last coord with that dress, it has a new home now. 
Beret - Offbrand // Wig - Lockshop // Blouse - Offbrand
 JSK - Angelic Pretty // Bag - Swimmer // Tights&Boots - Offbrand

Very shiny group picture as I'm too lazy with photoshop :P

I also like this random shot. Alex, Punkangel and me :3

I had a lot of fun at this Meet-up. We also kinda tried a new structure, going to the restaurant before the museum, normally we do it the other way round. I think it worked just as well ( ´∀`)☆
How do you prefer it?

See you soon,

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