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Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

Lolita Gift Giving

Hello my dear readers,
I hope you had a nice Christmas or holiday time! I know most people are not interested in Christmas stuff anymore right after Christmas but I still wanted to write out this post as I took part in some Lolita gift-giving activities again this year ^.^

Punkangel and I exchanged Advent-calendars again :D the theme for mine was Sweet-Classic Lolita and shabby chic. On the weekdays it was filled with candy ( I ate it all :'D) and on the Sundays there were small gifts.
She gave my (chronological): cute pencils, a small planner for 2015, a compact mirror, a tea-egg looking like a teapot and a cute jar where a found a necklace inside. I love everything, thank you so much <3

On the Austrian Lolitas FB page we also did a Secret Santa again. 
I got such amazing things! Thank you Pato!

I also got lovliest things from other friends and family. Here are the one that looked the cutest :3
 From my best friend, my brother and my great-aunt. 

Did you like your presents this year?


  1. So much cuteness! *u*
    Mine was also pretty big haul this year ...
    I'm digging the tea-pot-egg. ^w^