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Donnerstag, 24. Juli 2014

Prague Travel Diary - Day 2 & Day3

On the second day of angelsdaydream and my Prague trip was my birthday  ♥ We went to the Astronomical Clock again , visited the Tim Burton exhibition and the Alphonse Mucha museum. We also had some cake and later a drink at John Lenon Pub to celebrate my birthday a bit. (◕‿◕✿)

Franz Kafka Memorial
I wore my new Amavel.jp dress. Review coming up!

At the Tim Burton exhibition taking photos was prohibited but they had this outside the museum :D
Tim Burton is such a great artist.  The exhibition was definitely inspiring (︶▽︶)

Sorry not sorry haha xD I love Mucha's work so much *^* 
Again very inspiring!

Prague at night. So beautiful *^*

We also passed by a museum specializing on old trick film. They had this awesome scenery to take photos in front of the museum. I couldn't resist striking a silly pose hehe ^^"

This is how I will be remembered :'D

It was an awesome day.

On the third day we were already quite exhausted from all the walking we did the last two days. We visited the TV Tower which conveniently was near to our hostel. We also chilled in a park and had huge Pizza yeah ;D 

Sadly I was too stupid to take outfit pictures on the last day even though I really liked my outfit T_T I think I will wear it again to show it to you guys :D

Well I have this picture of my back hehe ^^ I really like this shot!

Well and that's it for our adventure in Prague!
Have you been to Prague before? Are you planing to go somewhere soon?
Share it in the comments!

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