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Dienstag, 24. Juni 2014

Mintkismet Commodities & Swimmer Review

Already some time ago I ordered a SWIMMER bag through an storenvy shop called mintkismet commodities.
The same day the lace gloves I ordered through another storenvy shop arrived to, so this will be a three-in-one review. I will review mintkismet commodities service, the SWIMMER bag itself and the gloves (◕‿◕✿)

Minkismet Commdities (MCK) is run by two girls, Danielle who lives in Oregon/USA and Sou who lives in Japan. Sou only receives the items and sends them to Danielle. The shipping costs you pay is the one from Oregon to your place. If you order via storenvy you won't have much contact with either of them and if you have to message them it's always Danielle whom you are in contact with. 

It was in May that MKC had a preorder for two SWIMMER bags (here) and (here). The actually only offered the handbag version of the bag I ordered but I decided to be blunt and ask them if it was possible for them to get me the shoulder bag. They said it was no problem and set up a custom listing for me (◕‿◕✿)

I paid on 5th May.
On 20th May the bag arrived at Sou's place. 
Then I had to wait a little because there were other things Sou also 
wanted to ship to Oregon that hadn't arrived yet. 
On 4th June the bag arrived at Danielle's place.
She shipped it one day later and on 12th June it finally arrived at my place.

During the whole process the contact was very nice and she answered fast. 
I also asked her if it wasn't easier to send the bag to me directly from Japan as I live in Europe but she said that it's better for her this way. It doesn't really effect the price you pay so I didn't mind. 

I would order from MKC again!

Now onto the bag!

 I love this bag so much!  It's cute and also really roomy. Just as I expected based on the other SWIMMER bag I own. It seems to be sturdy but I didn't use it yet. 
To me SWIMMER bags are superior to all bags you can get on taobao. SWIMMER bags are original designs, really roomy and same or lower in price as common Lolita bags from taobao. 
If I lived in Japan I would shop there all the time. I love SWIMMER so much (◡‿◡✿)

Last but not least, the gloves.:

I ordered them here. They are as shown in the stock picture and regarding the price they are great. I maybe will spice up the end of the gloves a bit but altogether I'm satisfied. (Not to mention they came in a cute Little Twin Stars packaging )

So I hope this post was helpful!
Do you own something from SWIMMER? 
Tell me in the comments!

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